Electronic Mass Flow Rate Control Valves

Closed loop electronic of mass flow rate for compressed gasses is accomplished precisely and automatically using Proportion-Air, Inc. F-series mass flow monitors in conjunction with Proportion-Air, Inc. electronics servo valve products. The flow control automatically compensates for system change by constantly comparing the desired flow set point to the actual mass flow rate. The F-series pneumatic flow monitor measures the achieved flow rate and feeds it electronically to the pneumatic servo valve. The pneumatic servo is sized based on the range of pneumatic flow to be controlled.

F-series Pneumatic Flow Monitor

  • Measures mass flow rate of air and converts it to a linear and proportioned electronic signal.
  • Use alone as a mass flow monitor or as feed back to a pneumatic servo closed looped pneumatic flow control.
  • Available in ¼ pipe though 1 ½ pipe size.
  • Select form pressure models, or open to atmosphere models based on your specific application needs.



FQPV and F-series Low Flow Pneumatic Flow Control Combination

  • FQPV pneumatic servo utilizes current driven proportional orifice solenoid valve technology to modulate flow.
  • F-series pneumatic flow monitor acts as flow rate feedback to the servo control.
  • Control pneumatic flows form .8 to 8.5 l/min through 2.8 to 28 l/min ranges.  Flow ranges are customer specified.



FQB3 and F-series Medium Flow Pneumatic Flow control package

  • FQB3 pneumatic servo uses durable time proven air pilot operated regulator technology.
  • F-series pneumatic flow transducer provides actual flow data to provide closed loop control.
  • Control pneumatic flow ranges from 2.8 to 28 l/min to 3 to 30 l/min. Flow ranges are customer specified.




FQB2 and F-series High Flow Pneumatic Flow Controller package

  • FBQ2 servo flow control module pilot operates a wide rage of regulator types and size.
  • Coupled with an F-series Flow Monitor the results are a complete pneumatic flow control package.
  • Available in custom ranges from 8.5 to 85 l/min up 700 to 7000 l/min.



FcV and F-series Low Flow Pneumatic Flow Control Combination

Integral Closed Loop electro-pneumatic Positioner
0.3% Resolution
Angled Seat Results in Maximum flow
Parabolic Valve Trim
Heavy Duty Valve Body Stainless Steel
Replaceable Seat and Trim
Ideal for temperature control loops